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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tent Rentals and Wedding Rentals

A Wedding is a beautiful experience for a couple. Being a once in a lifetime occasion, every couple wants to celebrate with elegance and beauty. Whether a traditional wedding or not, most think of organizing everything with style and grace. A great rental and event company can provide you with all your rental items and beautiful decor, they can also offer many different options to ensure that your day is exactly the way you dreamed it to be.


Tents are an essential outdoor event or wedding item. A properly sized tent can fulfill all space and guest number requirements easily. It is best to set up tents in open areas, on grass lawns, pool-side, at country clubs, or your backyard. We can help you design the perfect spot and provide an elegant tent to suit your needs.

Tables, Chairs and Linens:

After a venue and amount of guests has been chosen, you need tables, chairs, dance floor, linen, and decor. These items help to coordinate your wedding colors and also set the tone of extravagance. Since there are many chair styles to use choosing the proper one can help to establish true elegance at your wedding. You can choose from round or rectangle tables depending on your preferrence. For your linen you can choose floor length for a formal setting or more economical with linen that drop to the seat of the chair. For making the wedding more elegant, you can choose white chairs or use chair covers to dress up your setting even more. If you prefer garden style chairs, we suggest you chose the white padded folding chair. This chair is used in many weddings you find in the more popular bridal magazines.


The final touch for any wedding is choosing the decor that will finish the look of your wedding. Flowers, centerpieces, draping, gazebos, arches, columns, and other decor items can be selected to enhance the beauty of your reception. Keep in mind when selecting the venue for your indoor wedding the color of the walls or carpet can clash with your wedding colors. I have seen many pale green or light brown walls and multi-colored carpet floors that will take away from your wedding decor. If you choose an outdoor wedding and use a tent you can customize your colors and not have to worry about the venue's color scheme.

Choosing Your Rental Company:

Now you have to decide on what rental company to use. Do you choose a company that only has tents, tables, and chairs but must sub-contract everything else out to other vendors? A rental company will setup your tent but leave the tables and chairs stacked for you to setup. Or do you want a full service rental and event company that has a wider range of services to offer such as linen, wedding arches, columns, a florist on staff, setup services, china, glassware, draping, custom designed backdrops, to name a few. You can do your own setup and tear down or have the company do it for you. Do you plan on price being your primary means on choosing? Or do you want a company that will work with your budget and help you decide on what items to rent that will best suit your wedding needs but also help you keep your costs under control? Or do you have a budget large enough so you can choose what items you want, have everything delivered, setup, torn down after your event, a planner to oversee all aspects of the wedding?


If you are looking for the cheapest price you will be pleasantly surprised there are many companies that will go that extra step to get your cost way down. But don't be surprised when you see the quality of the equipment or the lack of service you receive. Many companies will not be able to afford to clean the equipment regularly, take the extra time to setup tables or chairs for you, or pickup the equipment in a timely manner. Remember that old saying "You get what you pay for". Try to balance price with service. Talk with your company's event consultants to schedule an appointment to come in and meet the people who will be working with you on your wedding. Is the showroom clean? Is the staff friendly and helpful? Do they offer suggestions after listening to what you want or do they tell you what they have done in other events and try to impress you with their "knowledge" of events?

Rental Quality:

Remember when renting tents, tables, chairs they are rental items. By definition the equipment has been used over and over again. Hopefully the company has been responsible and cleaned the equipment on a regular schedule. If not and their low pricing does not allow them the ability to spend money paying their employees to clean the equipment you will receive dirty chairs, tents, and other items. Cleaning does not mean the equipment looks like new. Clean means clean but there will be some scuff marks, or fading, or some items just will not be as nice looking as when first purchased. Remember that new white shirt or blouse how clean and nice it looked. Well after a couple of years and dozens of washings it does not have that same clean white look. It will be slightly faded or even have a grayish tint to it as the color has faded over time. A good rental and event company will strive to make sure their equipment is as clean and presentable as possible. This is one reason a visit to the company of your choice should be done to see what condition the equipment is in or how often the equipment is cleaned. Remember if you want the lowest price then you will have equipment that sub-standard in quality.